BTC Casinos in India

BTC Casinos in India

What do you know of blockchain sites? Well, given that crypto has been given so much bad press over the years, what you may know may not all be that positive. Here we are presenting a new alternative angel on the subject of BTC casinos.

We’ll be discussing all things related to BTC casinos in India, such as, BTC games that exist and specially made for the crypto coin, BTC casino bonus, the bitcoin wallet which is an essential part of the crypto process. And we present the top 10 bitcoin sites that exist on the Indian market that you are legally able to join.

BTC gambling sites

There are numerous sites out there in India, like that are crypto-friendly. They go all in on crypto service, allowing players to deposit with their crypto money and withdraw in-kind also. They also aren’t just catered for bitcoin. Some of these blockchain sites include the payment acceptance of LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Ripple, Chainlink and many others.

The market hosting these sites is very new. Joining a bitcoin casino India platform for many will come with hesitancy and it’s not so much to do with the fact that it’s gambling, but that it’s gambling with an entirely new form of currency.

The hesitancy is understandable because, in the early stages of investment into crypto, it’s all about the investment. The mantra of holding on for dear life or HODL springs up whenever the market takes a dip, and the values drop.

However, for some, the investments were made long ago and out there are players that have made fortunes from earlier investments and can now turn their crypto into further profit by playing Bitcoin casino games.

The steps in getting started are very simple and if you have played online before in a regular casino that accepts the rupee currency then it’s no different, it’s just an alternative form of payment. When you join these BTC casinos and ideally those in our top 3 BTC casinos in India, you will sign up and be able to claim a BTC casino bonus, you add your crypto as a means of banking, deposit what you would like to gamble and play to further win more crypto.

Best Bitcoin casinos

Finding the top blockchain sites open to the Indian market is fairly simple seeing as there are currently only three that exist. Now, this number may seem low, however, there are, in fact, more sites that call themselves BTC casinos but really aren’t. We will come to those in the next section of this guide.

So, there are only three BTC casinos in India and what makes them special is the fact that they go all out to provide for the crypto users. They will offer members specific BTC casino bonus offers and they will host specially made Bitcoin casino games.

As with any casino online, knowing which best BTC casino to pick, comes down to the simple factors of what boxes does the casino tick. Very basic but if you’re a keen sports fan and want access to live cricket betting online, then you’re obviously will pick the bitcoin casino India platform that offers this service over those that are unable to.

Here is the current top 3 list of BTC casinos in India:

  • 10 Cric
  • Betwinner

Casinos accepting BTC

Now, we mentioned that there are BTC casinos out there that really aren’t 100% BTC online casinos. These are sites that will allow you to make payments into the casino via crypto deposits, but they do nothing more than this. They do not provide specially make Bitcoin casino games, they do not fully support a bitcoin wallet that you are able to withdraw winnings in crypto form.

These casinos will allow you to pay in and that is all. The downside to this is that comes across as bad investments. Often is the case that one of these so-called bitcoin casino India sites will take your crypto and convert it into US dollars which you then have to play with, and winnings would then have to be converted again into rupee currency for you to withdraw.

It’s clearly a lot of hassle and confusion which is not necessary but it’s also not great business practice, hence why we are not naming names.

BTC bonuses

When it comes to joining the top BTC online casinos, you will have complete access to a range of the best bitcoin casino bonus promotions.

These, like ‘regular’ casino bonuses, are there to stretch out your bankroll with additional crypto credit and bitcoin casino free spins.

Within the BTC casinos there are plenty to choose from and they will all begin with offering new crypto members with a Welcome Bonus.

Now, if the BTC casino offers up sports betting and live dealer games, you may find special welcome bonuses for these areas of the casino as well.

You may also find that the best BTC casino out there for you to join offers daily allowances, perhaps a rare BTC casino no deposit bonus and not forgetting, special VIP Programs that provide membership lifetime rewards that can help to boost your crypto/bitcoin wallet.

Should you opt to use any of the bonuses presented by any of the top 3 BTC casinos in India, then please still read the bonus terms and conditions (t&c). This way you can understand just how the offer is to be used correctly, when it expires, what games are eligible with the offer and what the wagering requirement is also.

BTC Casinos in India

So, are BTC casinos legal in India? Well, despite the fact that the government wants to ban the use of bitcoin within the domesticated sense like a general currency to buy goods, you can still, however, use the BTC currency online.

One of the telling laws when it comes to BTC online casinos is that because they are all registered outside of India, they aren’t actually susceptible to India’s gambling laws. As a business which is the BTC casino, they are prohibited from advertising, that’s the only thing the law can do. With this, there are no laws that stop players from going online to access Bitcoin casino games. There are no laws banning them from winning real money, in every sense, when it comes to any form of casino online.

You can freely join the best BTC casino that’s ideal for you and play with peace of mind that your actions are within the laws set by the Indian government. It may all be new, but in the time that bitcoin casino India platforms have been active, no member of the public has been blocked, banned, or arrested for gambling online inside of what are foreign casinos.

How to Deposit and withdraw Bitcoin

When banking with any form of crypto, how does it all work? Well, the process of payment isn’t as complicated as you may be thinking. The biggest put off people have is to think that crypto changes everything, it doesn’t.

Once you have made your investment in the coin or coins, then setting up your bitcoin wallet to your new bitcoin casino India site is no different from adding visa card details to a casino.

Once you have acquired your crypto and have your wallet ready, you can then join any or all the top BTC online casinos.

Enter the site’s banking page to select your preferred method of payment. Now, a crypto wallet will come with a special address. This detail is copied and pasted into the window where required to sync your wallet with the BTC casino.

When the wallet is synced, you can set the amount you wish to transfer, and confirmation is made by entering your account password and confirming the transaction.

All BTC casinos are the same in a banking sense, so no matter which of the BTC casino sites you join, the setting up of deposits and preferred payment methods are the same.

Can you withdraw your online casino winnings in BTC?

When you join 100% BTC casino sites that fully service the crypto, then yes, you can make withdrawals of your winnings from the BTC casino as cryptocurrency. The process of withdrawing money is the reversal of depositing.

With your bitcoin wallet already synced to the BTC casinos you’ve joined, you only need to select Withdrawal in the banking section, key in your amount and transfer to you bitcoin wallet. The withdrawal times are instant which is one of the many perks of using crypto in general. Because there is no bank in charge and fully decentralized, payments don’t need to jump through administrational hoops.

BTC to USD conversion

If you are using one of the BTC casinos that isn’t exactly a legitimate BTC casino, then you may be faced with payment conversions.

With an unofficial bitcoin casino India platform, you may find yourself having to deposit with bitcoin, to then have that converted into US dollars. When this happens within these so-called BTC casino sites, withdrawals then have to be changed once again into Indian rupees.

So, when you sync your bitcoin wallet with such sites, it will only ever be to deposit money in, but not extract it out as a withdrawal in crypto payment.